The basic requirements for adoption applicants are:

Adoptive Applications Must:

  • Be at least 25 years old.
  • Be able to meet their own basic financial needs and those of
    the children they adopt.
  • Be able to provide separate sleeping spaces for male and female
    children in the home.
  • Be able to document their health and financial status.
  • Not have committed crimes against children or other violent

Adoptive Applicants Can:

  • Live in an apartment or their own home.
  • Be single male or female, married or widowed.
  • Have children or be childless.
  • Have a modest family income.

Phases to becoming an adoptive parent:

Phase I :
The first step is to attend a mandatory orientation session where applicants learn about adoption and the process in detail. Staff members will be available to answer any questions and to help applicants understand the adoption process and complete a formal application.

Phase II :
provides adoptive parent preparation sessions called MAPP (Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting). Here, applicants participate in a 10- week program with up to 20 people. MAPP is mandatory for all applicants. MAPP helps applicants prepare themselves to meet the needs of children and learn more about child development and the impact of adoption on their lives. If married, both spouses must participate in MAPP.

During the 10 sessions, an adoption worker will meet with applicants individually in their home at least three times.

Phase III :
As part of the adoption process, Georgia law and require proof of marriage, divorce, or widowhood for all applicants who are not single. Applicants who are separated, but not divorced, cannot adopt.

As a result of Phase II, a written summary (a home study) of the applicant’s strengths and needs is prepared. The home study is made available to agencies that have custody of the child(ren) the applicant seeks to adopt. For more information on national adoption issues, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?
Call and an adoption counselor will provide you with all the information you need to start the adoption process.

How Is The Child Chosen
Information and pictures of children are available to applicants throughout the adoption process. staff helps adoption applicants make informed decisions about which children they will adopt. Visits begin once applicants are approved and visits continue until the child can make a smooth transition from foster care.

Who Are the Children?
places children who are in foster care and who typically range in age from 3 and 14. Many are brothers and sisters who need a home together. To view information on Georgia’s children, visit

Does it cost?
does not charge an adoption fee. Applicants will incur expenses for legal fees and for the cost of medical examinations. All these fees are paid directly to the service provider and not to . For most children, financial adoption assistance is available for the adoptive family until the child becomes 18 years old.

How long does it take?
Like giving birth, the adoption process, from orientation to the adoption placement, generally takes from nine months to one year. The length of time depends on the availability of children fitting the criteria of the child the applicant wants to adopt.

Is there a waiting list?
At this time, there is no waiting list. New MAPP sessions begin every three to four months. Orientation sessions are held on the second Saturday and fourth Monday of each month.

What if I cannot adopt right now, how can I help?
While everyone cannot adopt, everyone can contribute to adoption in some way. success over the past eight years is due to community support and involvement of people just like you. Your tax-deductible donations can help achieve ensure positive and permanent outcomes for children. Give at any level. All tax-deductible gifts are welcome and appreciated.

Friend $10-$25
Your gift at this level demonstrates your commitment to achieving permanent outcomes for African American children in Georgia’s foster care system.

Patron $25-$49
Gifts at the level support efforts to recruit families throughout the Metro-Atlanta community who are interested in making a difference in the lives of African American children. For your donation, please accept our gift of an 8" X 10" unframed miniature of artist Gilbert Young’s "His Eye Is on the Sparrow".

Contributor $ 50-$99
Gifts at this level help maintain its 10-session MAPP (Parent Preparation) program. This Program is held eight times per year for adoption applicants and is essential to ensuring the success of adoption placements. For your donation, please accept our gift of one 8" X 10" framed miniature of artist Gilbert Young’s "His Eye Is on the Sparrow".

Supporter $100-$149
Gifts at this level support Family Enrichment Activities, which are designed to assist families at any time during the placement. Family Enrichment Activities include workshops, seminars, conferences, and family fun days.. For your donation, please accept our gift of one 24" X 29" limited edition (500) series unframed lithograph of artist Gilbert Young’s "His Eye Is on the Sparrow".

Sponsor - $150+
Gifts at this level support efforts to provide financial assistance to families to offset the costs of therapy/family counseling and/or extracurricular activities as needed to help the children they adopt adjust to their new family and new environment. For your donation, please accept our gift of one 24" X 29" limited edition (500) series framed lithograph of artist Gilbert Young’s "His Eye Is on the Sparrow".

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